Based in San Francisco, home to the world's leading technology firms; Models in Tech's sole purpose is to represent and promote your brand above and beyond your peers in an ever increasing competitive climate. Attracting attention to your product is only half of the mission of Models in Tech. Our Highly educated models delight in teaching and promoting your products and services.

We'll make the most out of your next event by creating a vibrant and informative atmosphere to engage with attendees, showcase products, and generate future leads. All of our models have backgrounds in marketing, social media, branding, or public relations, which make them exponentially more effective than just a pretty face. Before any engagement, we ensure our professionals are properly trained to learn about your product or service and event objectives.

We are truly an extension of your sales team. With almost two decades in the fashion industry, our team has been at the vanguard of promoting products and services in a way at once sophisticated and alluring, and our presence in Florida and California give us a familiarity with and proximity to America's cutting edge start-ups in the nation's most competitive markets.

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